General Purpose containers
Boxes, cartons, cases, sacks,bales, pallets, drums…

Reefer containers

Open top containers heavy machinery

Flat – rack containers
Heavy and bulky semi-finished goods, out of gauge cargo

High Cube Palletwide containers
Europallet compatible

Tank containers Bulk, liquids

The following table defines the size and types of containers available within Aegean Seaways Ltd fleet

20’- 8’6” 40’ – 8’6” 40’ – 9’6” 45’ – 9’6” 45’ Pw – 9’6’’
General Purpose X X X X X
open Top X X X X
flat rack X X
reefer X X X
Tank X
General Purpose Containers

Τechnical Data

Reefer Containers

Τechnical Data

Open Top Containers

Τechnical Data

Flat – rack Containers

Τechnical Data

High Cube Containers

Pallet capacity

Τechnical Data

Tank Containers

Τechnical Data