Full Chilled Cargoes

Our Company provides the service of transport of goods by container – refrigerators.
Our company has at its disposal freezer containers, which can carry frozen or maintenance cargos, depending on customer requirements. Always with the appropriate conditions adhered and necessary thermograph can guarantee strict compliance with the conditions of temperature.

With our experience in the field of Fridge – transport, we are able to transfer safely and consequence in delivery, Chilled & Frozen MEAT, VEGETABLES, BAKERY PRODUCTS, ICE CREAMS, MILK PRODUCTS, EGGS, CHICKEN and other foods in general from Greece for over Cyprus

The Below types of Containers are available:

  • 20’FT REEFER CONTAINER (10 euro pallets)
  • 40’FT HIGH CUBE REEFER CONTAINER (23 euro pallets or 20 Industrial Pallets)
  • 40’FT HIGH CUBE REEFER CONTAINER (with gambrels for fresh meat)
  • 45’FT HIGH CUBE PALLET WIDE REEFER CONTAINER (who divides chilled and frozen cargo)