Warehousing & Terminal

Our CONTAINER / GENERAL CARGO STORAGE TERMINAL has an area of 50,000 square meters, properly fenced, adequately guarded and the entire area is fully asphalted. All necessary equipments are in place including 40-ton spreader, 10-ton forklifts and small forklifts to stuff container cargo.

The Terminal very suitably located, just one kilometer away from Gate No.16 of the Thessaloniki Sea Port. We are the only forwarders to have this privilege.

With owned container handlers both loaded and empty adds advantages.Workshop at the terminal adds to time saving and cargo movement without any interruption.

We go an extra mile for our customers in the ever increasing. Four stack Container Handler, brand new equipment to handle 20` and 40` with a capacity of 45 Tonnes

We handle your cargo with sophisticated equipments, with utmost care and delicacy.